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Happy Middle Child Day!! Meet Zoey O


middle child day

Today is Middle Child Day. I honestly didn’t know there was such a thing, but there is. It’s a day to celebrate a child who sometimes may get put on a back burner. So in honor of it I decided to share a little bit with you about my middle child. 

Meet Zoey Lea Anne Odell. She was born on November 14, 2007. She’s a special child all around. Her middle name is after her Nana, Lea Anne. She also shares a birthday with my Grandpa. She was born  with what’s called Angel Kisses. I always told her that her Grandpa gave her a special kiss since they shared a special day together. 

middle child day

Zoey O is full of smiles and sweetness. She is always my happy-go-lucky baby.  She is constantly aiming to make people happy and don’t like to disappoint anyone. She will also talk your ear off. If you come around her, be prepared to talk!! (She starts school on the 26th and something tells me we might hear from her teacher about that issue!) She is also my “cheer baby”. Her dad is a coach and we have spent many nights at games. And more often than not you can hear her saying “Go Daddy Go!” The above picture was taken with her favorite Cheerleader..her cousin Aspen. I foresee many lessons coming from Aspen. 

middle child day

Zoey is all about singing and dancing. This girl can make a song out of just about anything. Her favorite song that she will sing (regardless if it’s Christmas or not) is…”Christmas is not about gifts it’s about being together and helping each other.” That fits her personality to a T. Don’t get me wrong she likes gifts, but she much rather help someone out. She is constantly wanting to help me clean and most recently doing the dishes. (I didn’t even ask her to!!) 

middle child day

Lastly, if you ask her she’s a Princess. She has for a few years now constantly insisted that she’s a Princess. So much so, if she’s acting bad or not listening. All I have to say is “Princesses don’t act that way.” Then she will quickly change her behavior. Honestly, I would say she is a Princess. She fits the description perfectly. What do you think?? 

5 thoughts on “Happy Middle Child Day!! Meet Zoey O

  1. I didn’t know there is a middle child day! I am a middle child myself and totally understand how it feels like to sometimes be placed on a back burner. I
    Your daughter is adorable! And she certainly looks like a princess!
    Love the pics,BTW!

  2. What a cutie. My middle child told me yesterday that his younger brother is the worst thing that ever happened to him

  3. She’s beautiful! It’s awesome that she shares a special day with grandpa and she does look like a little princess. I had no idea that there was such a thing called Happy Middle Child day either. What happens if there’s 4 of you? Who’s the middle child then? 🙂

  4. Awe! What a great day. Since there are 7 of us I am not sure how we would celebrate this, but I do know its true -the middle child does need a special day dedicated to them! What a beauty you have!

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