Christmas / Printable · December 1, 2022 3

Santa Christmas Countdown Printable

This Santa Christmas Countdown Printable will help your kids if your kids are excited about Christmas? Mine are! They can’t wait to get into the cookies, the carols and, of course, all of the fun gift giving and receiving!

They are anxious to get to the big event, and my youngest is having a hard time keeping track of how many days until Christmas comes, so I came up with this adorable Christmas Countdown featuring Santa! I really loved this idea, because instead of buying 3 advent calendars, we can use the Santa numbers and I can offer the kids a treat of my selection on each day!

santa preview

Feel free to print this Santa Christmas Countdown Printable as many as you would like! These are great for sharing! Santa is ready to help your little ones count down the days and make each day before Christmas colorful and fun!

Print yours by clicking the link below.