What is Christmas Spirt?
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What is Christmas Spirt?

Being the mother to a nine year old boy and five year old girl, I have see and heard some pretty funny stories. I have held back those tear filled moments, when they have reached onetime milestones in their lives such as riding a bike without training wheels for the first time or seeing them graduate from kindergarten. There has also been those moments of embarrassment where I’m certain I turned a flaming red color and I don’t think I have to even give examples of those moments because every parent has had one. However one moment I shared with my little five year old princess this holiday season was a first for even a seasoned mom like myself. My little girl, Sophie was born 2 months premature. At birth she weighed less than 4 pounds. The doctors and surgeons told me that although she was lucky enough to be born with all her organs developed, there could be a chance that later on in her life some obstacles could emerge. I was ready to take on whatever came our way because she is my baby girl. This is why when Sophie was diagnosed with delayed learning we took a very proactive and supportive approach to helping her. Sophie is thriving and doesn’t let learning obstacles interfere with her happy outlook on life. I had to fill you in a bit on my wonderful daughter so you would understand why our short conversation had such a huge emotional impact on me. You see the doctors said Sophie would never be able to use her reasoning part of her brain.
Sophie came home from school on Friday and like usual had a million things to say about her day. Halfway into the spill she looked up at me,”Mommy what is Christmas Spirt?” I went on to explain its during the holidays people help others out, people raise food for food drives to feed the hungry…etc “Sophie said mommy people are supposed to do those kinda nice things everyday and not just cause Santa’s watching! Seems she reasons just perfectly fine to me! …..Merry Christmas

Thanks: Amber McIntyre With Because My Momma Says So for being a guest writer!

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