Book Report Printable FREE!!
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Book Report Printable FREE!!

Summer is here, but that is no reason to let the kids slack on reading, or fall into a summer slump! This FREE printable book report is just the thing your family needs to keep the kids reading, learning and on track for when school resumes in the fall.

With the kids home for so long already, it is hard not to worry about their education. I have lost several hours of sleep since March thinking of ways to keep my kids learning and engaged. Then I came up with this book report form and decided it was the perfect way to keep my kids, reading and making connections. My worries about them falling behind have been diminished a touch thanks to this printable!

This report form is perfect for kids a variety of ages. You can make it work with any books your kids are reading, and you can use the template over and over again, all summer long! Set a reading goal, and get the kids in the habit of completing one of these reports for each title they have read to keep them both reading and writing and working on their reading comprehension skills.

Make sure you print a few of these to have on hand. You might want to pin this book report form for later. After your kids have read a book and filled out a report, I would love it if you share a picture of the report with me on facebook! You can find all of my free printables here. If you have any suggestions for making the most of kids book reports, I would love to hear from you in a comment!

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