23 Feb, 2024

Meet The Odell Family

Meet The Odell Family
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My name is Jacqui. Thank you for stopping by.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Something many don’t know about me is I was born at Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal.  It is my ultimate dream to return back to Azores. I left there before I even turned one, so I would love to see where I was born.

Now lets flash forward  to today.  I graduated from Trinity Bible College with an Associate Degree.  My favorite thing to do when I have free time(rare, but does happen) is sewing, reading, and believe it or not messing with anything that has to do with technology. I am a gadget freak!!!  My husband, Lee, and I got married in 2004.  He also graduated from Trinity Bible College with a Bachelors in Physical Education. He has worked hard and now has his Master in Educational Administration .

I have four beautiful kids! Bryson just turned 10! It’s so hard to believe that I have a kid that is in the double digits ! He is your typical boy. He loves sports, games, anything that has to do with mine-craft and Pokemon. Zoey O is 8. I call her my sweetheart. She has the sweetest, caring, and kindest heart I know. She is all girl! She loves her dolls, clothes, and crafting! Carly Jo is 5 going on 16. She is very girly, but very sporty. She loves gymnastics and riding her bike. She also loves playing with her dolls, changing her out fit ten million times, reading to whoever will listen, and doing crafts with her sister. Lastly we have the baby of the family, Lee Lee. Lee Lee is 7 months old and growing fast! He is all smiles and laughs. You can just look at him and he smiles. He is constantly on the move. He loves to kick, jump in his jumper, crawl, and play with anything he can get his hands on. Outside of my husband and kids we also have a dog, Sadie Girl. Apollo, our guinea pig. Both are a huge part of this family.

As a family our favorite thing to do is watch movies and going camping! Our favorite place to camp is Deadwood, South Dakota. It’s beautiful and lots of places near by that are perfect for the who family!

Outside of blogging my main job is being a mom. Sounds easy doesn’t it? I wish. Sometimes I don’t think people don’t understand how hard it is to be a stay at home mom. Being a mom isn’t that simple.  You are EVERYTHING: the maid, cook, nurse, entertainer, taxi driver, teacher, and a wife. You work 24/7. No holidays. No days off. No vacation time. It’s your life! Although it’s a hard job; it’s also the most rewarding one. You get to see every milestone in your child’s life. You get to build many great memories with your child. I wouldn’t want any other job.

This is exactly why I created Woman of Many Roles. There is so much we do and sometimes it can be a little confusing. We need to be able to lean on each other as moms. Share our experiences…tell what has worked or what hasn’t work. Learn from each other!  On Woman of Many Roles you will find a wide variety of topics. You will hear about my journey as I am trying to get my family and myself healthier. You will hear about the products that I loved or didn’t love. You will hear about crafts, recipes, educational and lifestyle tips, and events that I enjoyed! My goal is to make your life a little easier and for you to know that you are not alone in this journey of motherhood!

 Again WELCOME! Please look around while you are here. Hope you stop by again. If you have any questions please feel free to email me : jacqulynodell@gmail.com !



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