13 Jul, 2024

EQ Insights: The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Business Leadership

Picture: Dylan Gillis / Unsplash Emotional intelligence means you understand your emotions and know how to use and manage them to communicate, empathize, overcome challenges, and relieve stress. You have self-management skills, self-awareness, and social awareness. These attributes can prove valuable in everyday life but also hold particular value in your professional life. Emotional intelligence […]

3 mins read

The Art and Science of Cat Eye Lash Extensions: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Stunning, Seductive Eye

The cat eye look has been the envy of many for decades, turning heads and leaving lasting impressions. If you’ve tried copying those glamorous celeb looks only to end up frustrated with uneven wings or an outcome that’s more “disheveled” than “dazzling,” you’re not alone.  But what they didn’t tell you is that the secret […]

6 mins read