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Review: Crayola

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.  The Crayola product, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Crayola. Are your kids just like mine? Do they LOVE making crafts and just drawing. If so, then Crayola has the products for you!! I recently had a chance to review three great products from Crayola. crayola About Crayola:  Washable Sidewalk Chalk:

  • A standout from the crowd — it’s the first sidewalk chalk featuring 48 classic Crayola crayon colors!  And that’s not all – the chalk is also bolder and more vibrant than ever.
  • With so many colors to choose from, kids can let their imaginations run wild to create beautiful masterpieces that may include “carnation pink” flowers, “sepia” colored tree trunks, “granny smith apple” turtles or “scarlet” colored lady bugs.
  • A new anti-roll shape prevents chalk from rolling away and the wide sides allow kids to draw thick lines.
  • Parents will appreciate that the chalk is washable from sidewalks and driveways – simply spray away with water!


Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go:

  • Mess-free fun hits the road with Crayola Wonder Mini Stow and Go
  • The Color Wonder Mini Stow & Go gives you a portable writing surface and storage for your creations and markers
  • Markers color only on special paper and not on skin, furniture or carpets
  • Each pack includes 15-page mini Color Wonder Coloring Pad and 3 Color Wonder Marks

Color Wonder Mess-Free Glitter Paper and Markers:

  • Crayola’s new Color Wonder Glitter Paper is full of glittery fun but without the mess, since the glitter effects are in the paper.
  • Kids can create dazzling, sparkly masterpieces with their favorite Disney Princesses and Fairies.
  • With Crayola’s Color Wonder system, parents can rest easy since the mess-free Color Wonder markers will only appear on the special Color Wonder paper – not on skin, clothing, walls or furniture.
  • Kids can color and watch in awe as hidden images magically appear on the glittery paper.

crayola My Thoughts: 

First off I am a big fan of anything that encourages creativity. That’s exactly what Crayola is doing. They make it easy and convenient for us moms too! The Mess-Free Glitter Paper Markers are perfect for allowing your little one to color no matter where you are at. You don’t have to worry about getting marker on the carpet, clothes, or on car seats. Yes that’s all has happens to me. I bet it’s happen to you too! With these markers you don’t have to worry about that. It won’t color on anything but the paper. I gotta say that’s a huge win for us moms! Another great product is their Mini Stow & Go.  It’s perfect for entertaining the kids while we are on the go. I keep it in the diaper bag to bring out when I need to entertain the kids.  We all know how they have short attention spans, and can get very board at the doctor’s office.  The last product I got was their Sidewalk Chalk. They have bright and bold colors that will make their art work just pop. The sidewalk chalk is perfect to encourage your little one creativity but also to get them outside. Crayola has tons of products that encourage creativity and fun. What is your favorite product? How do you encourage creativity?

One luck reader will get a chance to win their own: 

  • (1) Pack of Washable Sidewalk Chalk
  • (1) Color Wonder Mini Stow and Go
  • (1) Color Wonder Mess-Free Glitter Paper and Markers

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37 thoughts on “Review: Crayola

  1. my daughter loves to draw. Anything and everything. ?Her favorite medium is crayola markers

  2. I <3 how Crayola has expanded beyond simple crayons and markers. They're the brand I trust.

  3. My kids enjoy any type of craft, the messier the better. Our favorites are things that involve paint 🙂

  4. My daughter loves to color, whether it’s with markers, crayons, or colored pencils, she’s quite the little artist.

  5. We love trying new crafts! But recently we have enjoyed making homemade play dough! So much fun =)

  6. My kids like making those paper rings where you glue the rings together and lace them together.

  7. I am not sure if she has one in particular. She loves to paint and anything that involves cutting. We do make scenes for the month/season and tape them up on our windows and she loves doing that.

  8. my granddaughter is into coloring and writing her letters but we have tried making paper hats and boats…

  9. my daughter absolutely loves to color and paint! She’ll sit and doodle with her colors while I work on craft projects, we have so much fun together.

  10. my grandkids love coloring pictures for me .. or using icecream pop sticks and makung things with them.

  11. They LOVE to paint, but after that it’s anything that they can make with paper, tape/glue and markers…our house is always exploding with projects!

  12. As long as it keeps him busy he is content and whatever his little mind comes up with…usually has to d with kitties!

  13. We have a 10 year old, a 3 year old and a 5 month old… our 10 year old son loves to draw, our 3 year old daughter loves to make sock puppets and paint with water colors and our 5 month old can’t wait to get her little fingers on crayons! lol


  14. My kids like to make a scrapbook page of their favorite thing we did in the summer.

  15. We love egg carton crafts. We made some really cute spiders for Halloween last year.

  16. This is perfect for me. Not only would it not color on my light carpet but I love anything that encourages creativity as well. Madison would enjoy the sidewalk chalk and so would the other kids. Great review and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

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