Printable · May 6, 2016 67

Naturally Spring Cleaning Printable

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to give your space a good cleaning! This year, let me help you to clean your spaces without harsh chemicals!  This 2 week cleaning plan includes recipes for natural cleaning options! You can consider it your guide to spring cleaning!


Print the Natural Spring Cleaning Plan here!

This guide is especially helpful if your family is helping to clean for spring because it will offer them a place to start,  and the cleaning recipes are naturally good and safer for your family that the chemical filled options in the stores!

I think that spreading the chores out over 2 weeks gives you plenty of time to deep clean, to reduce clutter and to breathe a breath of fresh spring air into your space.

Have you spring cleaned your home yet this season? I have, but am going to give it another round in anticipation of Baby #4’s arrival in the summer! This plan helped me to stay on track and to clean often overlooked areas in my house. I hope it helps to makes home cleaning a little easier for you too!