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Spice up Saint Patrick’s Day for Your Kids with These 30 Craft Ideas

St. Patrick day to me always meant to wear green because you didn’t want to get pinched. I honestly don’t remember doing much else besides that. My parent’s weren’t crafty just like me. However we have the internet now so I have spent all morning searching it looking for some fun St. Patrick’s crafts that I could do with my kids. I wanted it to be more than just wearing green. I was really shocked with how many I found. I finally had to cut the list off at 30. 

  1. Stand-Up Shamrock
  2. St. Patrick’s Rainbow 
  3. Leprechaun Wall Hanging
  4. Try-On Leprechaun
  5. Wee Leprechaun
  6. St. Patrick’s Day Place-mat
  7. Coffee Can Leprechaun Hat
  8. St. Patrick’s Day Doorknob Hanger
  9. Leprechaun Puppet
  10. Leprechaun Pin
  11. It’s Your Lucky Day Card
  12. Shamrock Soap
  13. St. Pat’s Hat
  14. Back Pack Shamrock
  15. Shamrock Straw Topper
  16. Resin-Casted Clover Coaster
  17. Clover Hair Pin
  18. Leprechaun Trap
  19. Coffee Filter Shamrock
  20. Pot o Gold Craft
  21. Decorate Shamrocks -3 Ideas
  22. Leprechaun Footprints
  23. Cereal Rainbow
  24. Rainbow Hand Craft
  25. Shamrock Mask
  26. Leprechaun Wishes
  27. Green on Green
  28. Heart Shamrocks
  29. Shamrock Man
  30. Pot of Gold

I have said it tons of times I am not crafty person and will never be. These ideas are not my own nor are the pictures. Please stop by their sites and tell them Thank You for posting them for all those non crafty mommies like me! 🙂 How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s day? What way do you make it fun for your little one? Are you going to try one of these crafts above? If so, which one? I always love hearing from my fans!!

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27 thoughts on “Spice up Saint Patrick’s Day for Your Kids with These 30 Craft Ideas

  1. I can see I am going to be one busy Auntsie with the little one this weekend!
    Thanks for all the great info!

  2. What great idea’s . These are perfect for some kids I watch sometimes and we are going to make some. Will post pic’s when we do. Thank you for sharing

  3. Thanks these are great craft ideas!These will be something that I can do with my grandkids.

  4. Great craft ideas. Wish my teenagers would craft with me…guess I will wait for grandkids. LOL

  5. Thanks for the great craft idea’s. I can’t wait to try some of these with my grandchildren.

  6. I love all the pretty green St. Patrick’s Day Crafts. It is great to make time with the kids and enjoy this holiday!

  7. Great craft ideas.. they make you feel inspired to make some cute st. patties goodies! 🙂 Thanks for sharing them with us 🙂

  8. Wow thanks for sharing all of these great ideas with us readers! I am definitely going to have to craft it up and try a few of them out!

  9. These are such great ideas!! I like having so many to pick from too!! Thank you

  10. Thanks for this! I will be watching my niece this weekend and have the things on hand needed to make a few of these crafts! These will give her some fun things to take home to dad! Thanks for the ideas!

  11. My sister LOVES kiddie craft ideas she can do with my nephew so I will definitely be sending her a link to this blog post.

  12. You’ve done some great research. There are quite a number of crafts that I’m sure children would love to work on. Thanks for the great information.

  13. I like so many of these craft projects for St. Patrick’s Day. I am going to see about making some of these projects myself. I like to try the St. Pat’s Hat.

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