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10 Easter Cocktails for Adults

Easter is just around the corner. Did you know it’s in March this year?? That shocked me. I am use to it being in April. Even though it’s in March it’s still a special holiday and I want to find a special way to celebrate. Sometimes we need to remember to have a little fun too. So this time I found Easter Cocktails. 

easter cocktails

  1. Easter Egg  (Picture Not Included) 
  2. April Rain (Picture Not Included)
  3. Blue Cottontail (Others ideas are on this page.)  (Picture Not Included)

  4. Campari Squeeze
  5. Raspberry Champagne 
  6.  Classic Mimosa
  7. Fresh Grapefruit Mimosa 
  8. Jam Cocktail 
  9. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (Kid Friendly)
  10. Watermelon Cooler (Kid Friendly)

I just want to remind my readers that I am not a creative person. These are not my ideas or photos. These are ones that I found while searching the  internet for Easter Cocktails and loved. I wanted to share with you in hopes it will help make your Easter planning a little easier. Please stop by and tell them thank you for their work!

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7 thoughts on “10 Easter Cocktails for Adults

  1. Every recipe sounds so delicious. If I had to make a first choice selection, I would choose a watermelon cooler.

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