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20 Fun Easter Crafts To Do With Kids

Easter is just around the corner. Did you know it’s in March this year?? That shocked me. I am use to it being in April. Even though it’s in March it’s still a special holiday and I want to find a special way to celebrate. Is there a better way to celebrate it with little ones than with Easter crafts? What kid doesn’t love crafts! ?

easter crafts

  1. Easter Egg Maracas 
  2. Hand Print Baby Chick 
  3. Peek A Boo Chicks
  4. Easter Finger Puppet
  5. Egg Transparent Decoration 
  6. Tie-Dyed Coffee Filter Eggs 
  7. Egg Carton Easter Bunny
  8. Paper Bag Bunny
  9. Paper Plate Rabbit 
  10. Chick Egg Carton 
  11. Chick Toilet Paper Roll 
  12. Easter Bunny Photo 
  13. Easter Bunny Tracing
  14. Easter Egg Shell Art 
  15. Easter Bunny Sock Puppet
  16. Marbleized Eggs
  17. Bunny Ears
  18. Envelope Bunnies 
  19. Paper Flowers
  20. Paper Easter Baskets 

I just want to remind my readers that I am not a creative person. These are not my ideas or photos. These are ones that I found while searching the  internet and loved. I wanted to share with you in hopes it will help make your Easter planning a little easier. Please stop by and tell them thank you for their work! Do you have a craft you want to share? I would love to hear from you!! 

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