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The 1st President George Washington Coloring Page

If your kids are lucky enough to have President’s Day off print off a few of these President George Washington Coloring Pages.

These George Washington Coloring Pages are perfect for a coloring session. They are also great for adding to unit studies. Or even exploring the first president a little more. My kids love giving him patriotic additions to his clothes!

Grab a copy of this  Abraham Lincoln coloring page to go with it! If you are looking for resources to help your kids learn more about the presidents, I found a bunch of cool facts  like George Washington didn’t ever live in Washington, the city that was named for him. He was really tall for the time frame too!

The best part about being a kid is coloring!!

Celebrate President’s Day in style with a fun coloring page!

The 1st President George Washington Color Page

The 1st President George Washington Coloring Page

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