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Printable: Cleaning Check List

Cleaning, such a dreadful chore isn’t it? Us moms don’t like to see our children growing up, but there is some benefit to them getting older. They can start doing some household chores. This summer I have gotten sick and tired cleaning up after everyone and decided it was past time they started helping me out. If there is one thing to know about me it’s that I like to be organized and have a game plan for everything!! That includes my children doing chores and the cleaning.

I have found this printable to be pretty hand. It helps me keep track of  what still needs to be done around the house for the week and who was supposed to do what. Every week I print this off and stick it on the fridge. Having it in plain site not only helps me remember to do something but it also helps remind my kids. Kids still need to be kids, so I don’t set a certain date they do things. I just expect it to get done sometime during the week. This may not be the best plan of action, but it helps keeping the household chores in control and me from going nuts!!

Printable: Cleaning Check List

Printable: Cleaning Check List (Click this to print!)

How do you keep from going nuts when it comes to household chores?

18 thoughts on “Printable: Cleaning Check List

  1. This is a great list. I love checking things off a list…it gives me a feeling of accomplishment!

  2. Very good idea to teach kids responsibility to work together as a team to achieve a desired outcome.

  3. Cleaning check lists have always been real helpful to me. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all there is to do, and this list breaks down tasks nicely.

  4. Great printable! I love how yours has “assigned” on it. Very useful for households with kids. Thanks for joining the DI & DI Link Party.

  5. I like the list! I’m always looking for ways to stay on top of things, and I’ll give this a try! Thanks for the printable! It’ll also be a great way to hold the “little one” more accountable!

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  7. That is a great printable-it would certainly help keep the household really organised and the kids busy. I love it!

    Our weekly Say G’Day linky party is on right now and this would be a fabulous addition. Please stop by and say g’day if you have a minute!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

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