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Greenies Dental Treats

Dog Breath Stinks! But I might have a solution for you. The following is a sponsored review, but like always these are my thoughts!

Greenies Dental Treats are a grain-free, easy to digest treat for the stink. Okay, so they are really more for the overall dental care of your dog. But I look for something that will help with the nasty breath that my dogs get.

Once upon a time we had this mint spray that we would give Sabre. He hated it! It made him sneeze, and then pout for hours. I have to say it did work, but I hated how upset it made Sabre. Ray still asks where it went. . . I totally trashed it!

So, Ray had been asking that we try something else because the dog’s mouth was just nasty. After trying these I think they will become a staple. First, they were not like some minty magic. No, Sabre’s breath was still not the most pleasant thing. But it was bearable. I am sure with more regular use it will be even better, but for a dog who eats trash it was an improvement!

Sabre was spoiled when we got the little guy, and quickly developed an upset tummy at the most random things. We once changed his food from puppy to adult and the pain we all felt from that was nearly traumatizing! So, I am always a little worried when trying new things with him. He took these fine.

He is really picky about treats but seemed to like these. We usually cannot get him to have normal milk-bones, and these are kind of the same consistency. They were easy to break in half for us to try and he took them just fine. All of the dogs took them well, like any other treat.

I am not sure his breath is as good as we would all like it, but these cover all of his dental health, he takes them, and its an improvement!

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