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Holiday Mail Planner Printable

Keeping up with holiday mail can be such a hassle. My husband and I often have the holiday conversation of “Did we send so and so a card? Did you mail the gifts for our nieces?” There is always so much mail that inevitably these conversations have an “I don’t know…” or an “I am not sure…” thrown in there somewhere!


This year, the tables have turned and now we have a great list to keep track of these things. I printed two of these and my husband and I both keep one. When something is shipped out, we mark it off. This has been so handy because we can add to the list as needed and compare lists when the “Did you send…” questions come up.


mail planner

Holiday mail planner


Feel free to print a few of these and share them with friends. This easy to use Holiday Mail Planner Printable is easy to use and has really made in a huge difference for my family. I love that we can keep all of the names, addresses and notes in one spot, and there is no more questioning of if I wrapped and mailed something or remebered to send a card.


Do you keep a Holiday Mail Planner kind of list? Does it help to keep you on your toes?

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