Tinnivi Jewelry
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Tinnivi Jewelry

The thought of getting engaged can be overwhelming for some people. The expense turns a lot of people off automatically! From the ads we see in magazines and on TV, it seems that a pretty ring should cost a lot of cash! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

With Tinnivi, you can find a stunning option that will not break the bank. I got the chance to try a really gorgeous engagement set that is eye catching, well made and comfortable to wear.

The Round Cut Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring set retails for about $115. It has a stylish two tone appearance that compliments the gem stones perfectly. I love that it is a 3 ring set for a sophisticated appearance.The gemstones are white and pink sapphire, which is a perfect color compliment with the bands. The set is well made and durable. It is perfect for daily wear.

The set is affordable and a good quality. Tinnivi has many options that are perfect for making a stylish statement, or for popping a big and important question to someone you love. I have been very pleased with my ring and would recommend them to anyone.

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