Tell Me About It 7/29

smore brownie

Welcome back blogging babes! I am so glad you came to party with us again this week! Since last week: Honestly, nothing new has happen this week. Still busy but with the same stuff. This upcoming week is going to go by like a tornado! Lots of stuff planed! But you have to come back […]

Celebration Giveaway 2 Prize Packs

Angie’s Angle is so excited to finally getting the Celebration Giveaway up and running.  With the help of some amazing girls from Sublime Media Connection we are offering you up an amazing fun giveaway.  In fact, there are two prize packs! Why the celebration you ask?  Why Angie’s Angle is celebrating finally making the move from blogger to […]

Storing Guns Safely In Your Home

Storing Guns Safely In Your Home

Storing guns safely at home is essential for everyone who owns guns. Children need to be kept away from guns. Thieves need to be deterred from stealing the guns, and the guns must be organized. A gun collector must have a nice place to keep their weapons, and gun safes provide all the storage space […]