It’s A Boy Virtual Baby Shower

It's A Boy Virtual Baby Shower

You guys! I am having a baby! I have been scoping out all of the coolest baby gear in preparation for his arrival and I can’t wait to share the details on my favorite products for new moms and babies in this Ultimate Baby Shower Event! I have been pleased to see how the world […]

Unique Home Offices Under Stairs

Unique Home Offices Under Stairs

Carving out a space to work underneath the stairs might sound unusual to people when they first hear about it, especially when they consider the formal environments in which they usually conduct their business. However, this type of space has an assortment of benefits to offer to people, regardless of what their jobs are.   […]

Children Day Care – What To Expect, What Not To


Selecting the right daycare center is extremely important for a child’s well being. It is important to inspect several centers before making the final decision on which nursery to send the children to. There are several positive and negative factors which can help influence the choice. Follow this guide on what to expect from a […]

Freshen up with Summer’s Eve®

Freshen up with Summer’s Eve®

The information, products, gift card, and giveaway have been provided to me by Summer’s Eve. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Summer was already not my best friend. I hate being hot, sticky, and just plain yucky feeling! This summer was even worse for feeling yucky because I got to spend a good chuck […]

What Mums Should Do For Fitness And Health

I know a lot of mum’s struggle with losing their ‘baby bellies’ and weight that they seem to have accumulated while pregnant. Many women believe that they have no chance of looking good after a baby. This is false! You can still look amazingly fit and healthy after having a baby. All you need to […]

Is Plastic Surgery For You?

People have been trying to modify their appearances for centuries, but now there are more ways than ever to achieve an improved look. Tattoos, makeup, body piercings and fashionable items of clothing are the most popular ways to change a person’s image, but many people also look to having plastic surgery, and it’s a trend […]