Bremner & the Party and Sharkee & the Teddy Bear Books
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Bremner & the Party and Sharkee & the Teddy Bear Books

I love giving books to kids for the holidays, it’s always so fun to watch their faces light up over something so simple yet so enjoyable. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

I absolutely love Bremner & the Party and Sharkee & the Teddy Bear which are both Ripley’s picture books. In Bremner & Party Bremner is going to a party and he is really nervous about it, and when he gets nervous he puffs up. So now he is trying to control his nerves so that doesn’t happen, you can laugh your way through this story as you read along about what will happen with Bremner and whether or not he will puff up and ruin the celebrations.

The pictures in this book and in both books actually are done so well and kids really love to follow along with this book and seem to really enjoy it. In Sharkee & the Teddy Bear you can follow along while Sharkee and his sidekick search for a teddy bear that has fallen into the ocean. Along the way they stop and talk to all sorts of marine animals to ask about the Teddy Bear. Both of these books are great for kids, I gave both books to my nephew who is 3 and he absolutely loves them. He reads them over and over again. This is a must for any library if you ask me, it is a fun read for people of all ages.

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