In the Sky Jar
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In the Sky Jar

If your little one is interested in planes, helicopters and clouds I have a really fun and easy game you can diy for the car, on the go or at home.

To make glow in the dark rice:


  • Hand sanitizer, 1 tablespoon
  • 1 cup of rice; uncooked
  • 1 teaspoon of glow in the dark pigment; I used blue
  • Zipper seal baggie


  1. Place uncooked rice in a zipper seal bag
  2. Add hand sanitizer and shake well
  3. Add glow in the dark pigment and shake until the rice is evenly coated
  4. Pour onto newspaper, paper towels, etc and allow to dry for 45 minutes

To make the In the Sky Bottle:


  • Glue
  • 3 coffee filters
  • Scissors
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Glow in the dark rice
  • Toobs
  • ⅞” Rainbow Ribbon


  1. Cut a section of the paper towel roll to fit the width of the ribbon
  2. Wrap the ribbon around the section of the paper towel roll and glue it on
  3. Cut it in half
  4. Begin layering rice and toobs planes into the bottle
  5. Make clouds by rolling up the coffee filters into balls, add these in layers with the rice, ribbon rainbows and toob toys
  6. As the bottle fills up, secure the lid
  7. Turn off the lights for a glow in the dark sensory experience, or the bottle can be used as a find it style toy in the daylight hours.

I love that this glows in the dark to double as a nightlight for the kids! Made with simple supplies this glow in the dark find it Jar is fun for kids of all ages. You can add more trinkets or fewer to make finding the treasures more of a challenge for older kids or easier for younger ones.

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