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Terrible Two-sday: The Power of Chips

terrible twos


Gotta love toddlers. Yesterday was a day full of battle of the wits for Carly Jo and I. Every single time I turned around Carly Jo was getting into something. One moment she’s trying to climb onto the table to “feed” the fishes. The next moment she’s attempting to do the dishes. Could be a good thing except for most of the dish soap ended in her hair verses in the sink! 

terrible two

The best part of the day was the power of chips. The short time I was in the bathroom Carly Jo managed to get the bag of chips off the counter and into the front room. When I walked into the front room I was greeted with several chips all over the floor and Carly Jo going “num, num” My only question is how can someone so little make such a big mess in such a short time!!!  

terrible two

In honor of the climbing and mess making I have set up a naughty chair. So far it seems to be going over okay. She doesn’t like setting still so she hates being in there. I am hopping today we won’t have to deal with a chip mess everywhere or dish soap in our hair! Wish me luck! 

5 thoughts on “Terrible Two-sday: The Power of Chips

  1. The twos shall pass, I promise. And then, you’ll have the 3s, 4s, and more and before you know it, the tweens and teens. Each stage has it’s fun and it’s trials. And don’t forget, when you were two, crunching chips into the carpet was FUN!

  2. Gotta love terrible 2s right? Actually, I found that 3 was worse – but my boys weren’t bad at 2, so maybe they were just behind the curve 🙂

  3. Every day in our home is another mess. I feel as if my kids are tornadoes that don’t stop! Chip mess is definitely no fun.

  4. I am sorry but I can’t help but laugh at this post!! My son Doug is just like that. He tests me constantly!!! He is so quite when he sneaks around, and he hides things in his playroom (usually candy.) I feel silly battling with a 4 year old and loosing most of the time!!!

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