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Shen the Adventure Panda

Do your kids love adventure and or Panda bears? My girls are big fans of both of those things! When they saw that they had received Shen the Panda Adventure Kit, they were thrilled! Not only is this is a really fun toy for kids, but it also contains the second book in the Zylie Adventure series! My girls are big fans of Zylie, so this kit was a huge deal to them!

Shen the Adventure Panda is an 18 inch jointed panda action figure. My girls love that they can make Shen move and bend! They were also really excited about the wardrobe selection that comes withShen the Adventure Panda. My little fashionistas were too happy to be able to add a cool bomber jacket to their Panda!
This isn’t just an action figure. You can play with Shen like a doll, snuggle Shen like a stuffed animal and take Shen on all kinds of adventures of your own! I loved the generous size of the doll and the includion of the backpack and drum sticks! What could be more fun than a drumming, world traveling Panda?!
If you have a Zylie fan in your house, this is a toy you will want to add to your must get list. Not only does Shen inspire imaginative play but the book that is included offers kids a chance to read, explore and discover the world with a favorite character! I love that the unique passport opens the doors to culture and worldly adventures in play for kids!

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