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Groceries & Menu Planner Printable

It has become my mission lately to get my family on a budget. (I have a dream to buy a house in three years!) One of the many things I have done to help us get on a budget is planning my menu for the week. This helps in many ways. It makes the week go by easier because I am not trying to decide what to feed my family last-minute. I know what we are eating and can prepare quickly.

menu plan

FREE Groceries & Menu Planner Printable

 One of the tools that I use is this printable. It allows me to keep track of what meal I am eating on what day and what groceries I need for that meal. This helps me stay on budget because I don’t go nuts in the grocery store and by TONS of stuff that we don’t need. I have my list ready and stick to it! (It’s hard but worth it!) This past week I went grocery shopping and spent a hundred bucks for 20 meals!! I call that good. 🙂 

What are some things that you do (or use) to help you stay on track?