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Minute For Mom Week 9/2

minute for mom

Okay, so my week didn’t go as planned last week. During my free minutes I did not organize my office. Sometimes I just stare at my office corner and feel lost. I am just not sure where to start. I know getting a book shelf and an actual desk (currently using my patio table 🙂 )would help lots, but just  haven’t found the right one that fits our budget.  Although, I didn’t organize my office I did manage to get some organization done. 

Tuesday: I organize my medicine cabinet. I stuck like medicines in a zip lock baggie. So now if there is a tummy bug all I have to do is grab the tummy bag and I will have all of our tummy medicines in one spot.

Wednesday: I worked on organizing my spices. I got a cool spice stack from YouCoupia. Everything is quick and easy to get to now.

Sunday: I organized my can and boxed goods cabinets in the kitchen. All like cans and goods are now together and I know exactly what I have. Makes it super easy to make a meal plan and cook.

My next week plan for my free minutes is read. I take my daughter to the library every Friday for story time and this week I got me a book. It’s Nicholas Sparks: The Lost Song. I also might work on organizing the other kitchen cabinets. I am half done with organizing the kitchen cabinets might as well finish right?? What is your plan this week for your free minutes? Did you get your last week goals done? I would love to hear from you!! 

6 thoughts on “Minute For Mom Week 9/2

  1. I am lucky that I am a SAHD with a kid in 5th grade.
    I have the day to myself to go to the gym, blog, or as I did today, nap!

  2. This weekend while my husband watched my son for a bit, I cleaned the bathroom. I didn’t get the tub done or my closet cleaned like I wanted but the part I did get done looks amazing and made me feel great!

  3. This week I hope to scrub my fridge and freezer find 35 things we don’t need and take them to Goodwill and in my fantasy of free time I want a nap too!

  4. Sometimes it is hard to get into the groove of organizing and you sound like your are doing just fine. When I first started I used the 15 minute rule to get me adjusted. I sat a timer and worked 15 minutes. If I felt good about what I was doing I continued on and if I didn’t and stopped at least I donated 15 minutes of my time for improvement.

  5. My free minutes this week will be spent canning peaches and nectarines! Although I’d love to spend it reading. My book the maze Runner just got really good and I want to finish it. lol.

  6. You did quite a bit with your extra time. I’m impressed! I have SO much organizing to do, but I’m still looking for those free minutes. Actually, I do have them but I watch tv instead. lol

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