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Help Language Development in Toddlers with Chatter Zoo By The Jim Henson Company

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Chatter Zoo

· In the first year of life, children gobble up words at an incredible rate, learning 2-4 words a day in their second year of life and 4-5 a day by the time they reach their 5th birthday?
· By 6 years of age, children in the U.S. have learned at least 10,000 words on average.
· And, by adulthood, we have learned a vocabulary of anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 words, by conservative estimates.

Knowing those little facts you can see why language development in toddlers  is very important. My older two children picked up on talking real quick and they don’t like to stop either. However my youngest just likes to scream. She doesn’t care to talk and I think it’s cause she doesn’t have to. About three weeks ago, it started being just her and me home. So I have made it a mission to work with her on language development. Chatter Zoo has helped a lot!!

language development

About Chatter Zoo:

“The Chatter Zoo ‘appisode’ includes two “Learn & Play” activities and two interactive stories, animation and music content immersing children into a kid-friendly, entertaining, and intriguing day in Chatter Zoo.   Together with the zoo babies, children will experience meal time where they help to feed the zoo babies their favorite food; play time; bath time fun after a busy day of playing; and bed time.  Each part of the app focuses on a few key words. In every story, the characters use the key words, and then repeat them in a simple song form at the end. The learn-and-play activities allow the child to interact with objects and learn their names while playing with the babies.  The zoo babies have a very joyful relationship with the audience at home. Through “Direct Address” they communicate with the user in order to play with them and to learn from them.  The babies also think the user is their best, best friend.  And Mindshapes’ custom Livebook™ format allows children to interact with and bring them closer to the characters through a variety of touchscreen interactions. The characters in Chatter Zoo are not only adorable, they also have a unique relationship with their young audience – they need them!”

language development

My Thoughts:

One of the important things when consider educational items for children is that it has to be fun for them. Chatter Zoo did a great job making sure it would be fun and educational. Carly Jo loves playing on the app. I like how each part of the app focuses on a few key words. That way it isn’t overwhelming for their little brains. In every story , the characters use the key words, and then repeat them in a simple song form at the end. The constant fun repetitive action will help make the key words stick for the children. It has several fun learn-and-play activities that encourages the children to interact with the objects and learn their names all while playing.

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12 thoughts on “Help Language Development in Toddlers with Chatter Zoo By The Jim Henson Company

  1. I correct anything wrong they say. I also repeat things a lot. Another thing I do is when we go to the fridge, I tell them that and have them repeat it

  2. Through Music Its A Constant In Our Home My children can sing song after song and that helps them alot in the language development department.

  3. I try to read to them as much as possible. They pick up the sound of words a lot easier if you pronounce them right and help them when they try.

  4. I don’t speak to them in third person. For example, I would say “I love you” instead of “Mommy loves you”.

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