Bug Band

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Living in Kansas we tend to have mosquitoes like crazy most of the year especially when we are out hiking or enjoying nature. Yet I don’t always remember the bug spray or we get so busy we forget to apply it and we end up with bites on our arms and legs. Then we decided to try these bug-band wrist bands and all I can say is we are in love with them.

They really seemed to work very well for our kids and even for us. These wrist bands are perfect and last for up to 120 hours which is plenty for our family. We use the blue ones during the day and the glow in the dark ones at night. When we go camping we wear them all the time day and night. I have even put them on my kids ankles to prevent the mosquitoes from attacking their legs. Every summer we visit family back in Kansas for the 4th of July and these are a must have for the entire day and evening.

We will be using them this year for sure when we go back so we don’t have to worry about remembering to stop the kids from their fun to spray them down. Plus with all the excitement of the night having the glow in the dark ones on them makes it easier to spot them. We loved these so much that we had to send some to a few friends to have them try them on their kids and they were just as happy as we were.

If you are a family like ours who spend a lot of time outdoors whether for sports, camping, hiking or just enjoying the evening then give these a try. They really do make it a little easier than that messy sticky bug spray and since they last up to 120 hours you don’t have to worry about forgetting to apply more bug repellent to your children. The best part is the package it comes in is reusable so you can make sure you get full use out of your bug band wristband and not worry about them going to waste.

More about the Giveaway: 1-Family Pack, 1-15 count Towelette and 1-6oz Pump Spray Lotion


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  1. Audrey Stewart says

    I live in the Lowcountry, Charleston, SC. We have nothing flying biting, stinging insects.

  2. Kathy Pease says

    I would love this because my yard is loaded with mosquitoes as we have a quarry out back

  3. Joy Venters says

    From the time I was a little kid mosquitos have flocked to me and just bit the living daylights out of me. I have not been able to enjoy sitting out on the porch at night nor going to concerts on the lawn due to the bugs. These bracelets would enable me to enjoy all of the things I have missed.

  4. elizabeth miller says

    I really need this for everyone in my backyard. We back up to 45 acres of open space that is primarily wetlands and a small stream. The bugs are atrocious.

  5. Jae Park says

    I need this because the last time we went to our favorite fishing hole, we got chased away by the bugs. Thanks!

  6. Samantha says

    I need this because it seems like every time me and my daughter go outside, the mosquitoes eat us up.

  7. Shane A says

    We have a ton of mosquitoes around this year. And we could use them on our upcoming camping trip.

  8. Fran says

    I seem to get bug bites whenever I’m outside in the evenings and have been trying to find non-toxic alternatives to regular bug repellents

  9. Christina Graham says

    We camp most weekends and we could really use this. I refuse to use chemical repellents on my children or self.

  10. rachael juedes says

    These will be good because I live in Florida, which is bug central. It would be easier and better than using a spray.

  11. Sandy Klocinski says

    The bands would be a good alternative to carrying bug spray and all the toxins that go with bug spray.

  12. wen budro says

    I definitely need this because I live in an area where there are lots of mosquitoes. I love that this product is safe for my kids.

  13. Julie says

    We live in Florida and they are so bad in our backyard all year even the cold does not kill them and we do not want any bites they hurt..

  14. Michelle Coles says

    My kids love to play outside but are constantly attacked by mosquitoes so this would really be perfect for them!

  15. tammy smith says

    We need here in PA because we get lots bugs. We enjoy hiking, fishing, camping and justsit onour porch in the evening. this why we can use these.

  16. beverly harrold says

    because the gnats and mosquitoes are eating us alive on the ice cream truck but i dont want to smell awful when we sell ice cream

  17. Jen D. says

    I need to win this giveaway so that I and my family can use these products to protect us from mosquito bites. The county that I live in doesn’t treat for mosquitoes at all.

  18. Denise Stewart-Humphrey says

    I am Denise Stewart Humphrey and I live in Ione Calf just a small country town. Outside of 50 miles from Sacramento Cailf. I had just entered for a bug contest and I didn’t even know how or that you existed. I was reading thew everything and I must say that you have a good thing going. Thank you Denise Stewart Humphrey.

  19. Dana Rodriguez says

    This is great! We spend a lot of time outdoors but the mosquitos are really bad here.

  20. Jane3797 says

    Bugband is important because insects today carry much more virulent diseases. Also, I am the one in the crowd who seems to have a tasty scent, or blood, or whatever. I keep the bugs off everybody else! Like a giant Bugband! HELP!!

  21. Marilyn Nawara says

    The mosquitoes are horrible this year — would be nice wearing these instead of spraying everyone down with bug spray.

  22. Kimberly O says

    The bands would be great for the kids – better than chasing them around with a can of spray! Thanks!

  23. Marti Tabora says

    I need this because we have a horrible mosquito problem. I have to spray Yard Guard out the back door just to be able to walk outside briefly and I don’t dare go out without using repellent.


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