Playfoam Modeling Compound #2017WOMRGIFTGUIDE
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Playfoam Modeling Compound #2017WOMRGIFTGUIDE

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My kids love play dough, but it always seems to dry out really fast. When we got the chance to try out Educational Insights Playfoam Modeling Compound, right away I knew we had found a fun alternative to everyone’s favorite dough!

Playfoam Modeling Compound

This is squishable fun on the go! It never dries out and it is nonstick so it means a lot less mess but a lot of fun too!

The set comes with a carry case and 8 bricks of Play foam, as well as shaping tools. This is a fun material to play and sculpt with. I like to mess around with it after a long day to help my mind unwind. The kids love to play with it anytime!

Retailing at under $15 this is a fun alternative to the dough which dries out eventually. It is easy to maintain, fun to play with and a great tool for sensory and tactile play. I highly recommend the Educational Insights Playfoam Modeling Compound to other families! This makes a great toy for Easter baskets, or a fun option to keep in your rainy day activities rotation!

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