Check out Zylie & Friends and the, Kiki the Koala’s Kickstarter Campaign #Giveaway

I am not going to lie, but I love technology. I will admit however that sometimes I feel like it takes away the fun of being a kid from my kids. Lately Zoey and Bryson have both been more into their tablets than the other toys or going outside to play. I feel like they are losing their ability to have fun and imagine! Zylie & Friends, want to do something about that. Kids are only kids for a short amount of time, and they should enjoy the time as a kid, by being a kid!  Zylie & Friends, mission to “unplug” playtime from screens and bring really great toys back to childhood.

Check out Zylie & Friends and the, Kiki the Koala's Kickstarter Campaign #Giveaway

There are two great Zylie & Friends stuffed friends available at this time Zylie, the Bear, and Shen the Panda. There is a new friend that just may join them soon with your help with this new Kickstarter campaign, a campaign to help get the newest character Kiki the Koala off of the ground. Kiki is the latest in a series of adventure teddy bears designed to “unplug play” for kids ages 4-9. Created by a mother and son team. Kiki the Koala is the newest character in the Zylie & Friends series of adventure teddy bears.

Zylie and her traveling Friends combine the best qualities of dolls, stuffed animals, action figures and storybooks to inspire kids to “unplug play” from screens and go on adventures of their own. In short, these doll-shaped adventuring animals are not your average teddy bears!

Check out Zylie & Friends and the, Kiki the Koala's Kickstarter Campaign #Giveaway

Why Kids–and Future Innovators–Need Kiki!

Here is a little more information about the inverter, of Zylie & Friends, Mary Beth:

My name is Mary Beth and, when I was a young mother, I noticed how much time kids were spending in front of screens instead of playing. Now, my son Matt and I have decided to do something about that, because screen time for kids has exploded to almost 50 hours per week and play has declined by up to 12 hours per week. And while that might sound trivial, play is super important to so many things in young children, like brain development, building creative problem-solving skills, confidence, collaboration and leadership.

Check out Zylie & Friends and the, Kiki the Koala's Kickstarter Campaign #Giveaway

Would you love to be able to  own Kiki? Please consider giving to this Kiki the Koala’s Kickstarter campaign, every little bit helps.

Pledge $10 or more – Zylie’s Monthly Postcard  Your little adventurer will be eagerly waiting by the mailbox for a postcard from Zylie each month! Each postcard will be addressed to your child, and will have a new “photo” from their travels, along with a personal note on the back describing their exciting adventure. This reward covers 6 monthly postcards, at which point you can easily renew your subscription if you and your child are enjoying the updates!

Pledge $25 or more – Little Adventurers T-Shirt Wear your spirit of adventure with pride and joy! Pick up this limited-edition Zylie & Friends t-shirt with an awesome “Little Adventurers” graphic on the front, available in both Kids 3T,4T,S,M,L and Adult S,M,L!

Pledge $40 or more – Early Bird Special: Kiki the Koala This is it, the ADVENTURE you’ve all been waiting for! The complete Kiki the Koala Adventure Kit, including your 18″ jointed plush Kiki koala bear, signature outfit, tote bag, passport, map and the 3rd storybook, “Zylie’s Adventure Down Under”!! Everyone will have a blast unplugging playtime to help Kiki find her way across the Australian outback with Zylie, her little brother Theo and their friend Shen the Panda! **Includes 6 monthly adventure postcards mailed directly to your Little Adventurer.

Pledge $50 or more – Kiki the Koala Adventure Kit Same as the Early Bird Special for Kiki the Koala above, at the everyday price of $50! **Includes 6 monthly adventure postcards mailed directly to your Little Adventurer.

There are also more gifts for your generous donations, be sure to check out the Kiki the Koala’s Kickstarter –

Check out Zylie & Friends and the, Kiki the Koala's Kickstarter Campaign #Giveaway

About the Giveaway:

Woman of Many Roles readers have a chance to win their choice of one of the current Zylie & Friends stuffed friends. If you win you can choose, from Zylie the Bear Adventure Kit and Shen the Panda Adventure Kit, both signed by Mary Beth and the co-founder Matt. Would you like to win? Please let me know what stuffed friend from Zylie and Friends is your favorite and why? There are also other ways to enter, please enter below.

Buy it:

You can purchase Zylie and Shen on  the Zylie & Friends site, and you can pre order Kiki the Koala’s on  Kickstarter –


  1. Any would be great . My 4 y/o daughter would love the Kiki the Kaola or of course Zylie.
    Rene Chartier

  2. I would choose Zylie, the Bear, for my daughter. I think she would love the story and the cute outfit most!

  3. Shen the Panda is adorable. The leather jacket is what convinces me to pick Shen. My grandson needs his own dress up “doll” because his dad does not like him playing with his sister’s Barbies. I think he would love this!

  4. I would choose Kiki Koala. This would be a great jumping off point for a homeschooling study of Asia!

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  6. Kiki the Koala Adventure Kit is what we would choose. This is really an awesome set and wonderful website.

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