10 Healthy Valentines Snacks For Kids

 valentine snacks

  1.  Cheese and Crackers 
  2.  Pizza My Heart  (There is no photo for this. The link also has 8 other ideas!!)
  3.  Layered Jello Hearts
  4.  Strawberry Milkshake
  5.  Heart Milk Cubes
  6.  Chex Mix
  7.  Tomato Heart 
  8.  Heart Shaped Boiled Eggs  : My son is an odd ball. He is extremely picky eater, but loves hard boiled eggs. He’s going to love this!!
  9. Melon Kabobs
  10. Heart Shaped Cream Cheese and Straberry Sandwiches 
As you know by now, I am on a healthy journey. Not only is this journey for me, but for my family. I want my kids to start eating healthy and moving more. It’s important for me that they don’t struggle like I have and am! And in order for that not to happen I have to teach them to eat healthier. I have to lead by example. That’s what we do as parents!
That’s why I searched the web for HEALTHY Valentine’s Snacks. These were my favorite healthy recipes that I found online. However, if you still haven’t find something that fits what you nee this  article “Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids” has many suggestions!!
Do you have a healthy Valentine’s Snack? What is it? What way do you encourage eating healthier to your kids? 


  1. This is a great round-up. I don’t have any specific ideas but I think that fresh strawberries dipped in coconut milk whipped cream sounds yummy. Beets are also a great way to get some pink. A half a beet would make a very pink smoothie.

  2. These are great! We’re doing Baby Led Weening, and I can totally give my little some of these. He won’t know, but who cares about all that 😉

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