Zondervan Christmas Books #2019WOMRHoliday

I love reading books with little ones to get in the Christmas spirit, so all of these books are definitely at the top of my list every year. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.


The Beginner’s Bible: Jesus is Born is an amazing book for young readers, especially this time of year. I love how this book simplifies the birth of Jesus in a way that makes it easier for young kids to understand. I actually use this book at church all the time for the little ones I teach. The illustration is well done also. This really is a fantastic book I think to have around all the time.

Rocks tell the Story of Christmas is a book that even my teens enjoys. This book tells the story of the nativity in a very interesting and easy to understand way. This book is very well written and one that I love reading several times during the holiday season to bring the spirit of Christmas into our home.


I have loved the Bernstein Bear books since before I can remember and now I absolutely love reading them with my own kids. The Bernstein Bears go Christmas Caroling is a heartwarming book that takes you with the Bears as they go caroling to their friends and neighbors during the Christmas season. Every year when we read this our kids want to go caroling afterwards and we love it.

Merry Christmas Nighty Night is still our favorite book to read as a family on Christmas Eve. This book is done as a poem that matches the rhythm of the Night before Christmas. It’s a cute adventure that leads two siblings to adventure to learn that when you are having a hard time falling asleep on Christmas Eve then you just may need a sweet Christmas Lullaby to do the trick.


A Christmas Gift for Santa Claus is a great bedtime book that will take your little one on an adventure with Santa as he looks for his gift. Has Mrs Cluaus forgotten about Santa, he searches through his entire home looking for his gift when stumbles upon homemade gifts that are sitting next to a note. This book is a fun adventure for little ones and makes for a really great bedtime story.

A Very Fiona Christmas lets you follow everyones Favorite Hippo and her friends on their very first ever Christmas adventure through the zoo. The Animals want to know What is Christmas, so her friends join together to show her all the wonderful and exciting things that the holiday season brings. This is a great book to read with your little ones.

All of these book are great to have around during the holiday season, and are even great for young readers to read aloud to you. We love reading a book or two everynight during the holiday season, especialy the week leading up to Christmas as it seems to help bring us all together and enjoy the holiday season as a family. If you are looking for some great books for this holiday season then I would recommend all of these, they are all great books to enjoy together.