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Zippit Bedding

Disclosure: I received this  product to facilitate my review, however, all opinions are my own and I was not required to give a positive review.

It seems like making the bed for the kids is a lot of work sometimes! I make their beds, they come home from school and as soon as they enter their bedrooms, almost as if a magical force is in effect, their bedding ends up in a heap or the blankets are falling off of the bed. Long story short, before bedtime, I am remaking beds!

  Zippit Bedding
Then the kids are in bed. It seems as if the kids have a hard time keeping their covers on. Do your kids kick their blankets off all night long? My daughter will kick the blankets off, then wake up within moments and say “I need help!” That phrase gets me every time! I dash into her rescue to find her struggling to get the blankets back on her body.
Kids and beds are a lot of work! That is where Zippit Bedding comes into my story to save not only my sanity but also some precious time too!
Zippit Bedding is maybe the coolest invention ever for kids beds. It works like a sleeping bag and it stays on the beds! My days of making kid beds 2 times a day are over now that my kids have Zippit!
  Zippit Bedding
Zippit attaches to the bed like sheets, but it zips together like a sleeping bag. No matter how wiggly the kids might be, or how hard they try to kick those blankets off, zippit keeps them in place!
This bedding is great for hard to make beds, especially bunk beds. It makes bed making a breeze and best of all, my little ones stay tucked in and that eases my mom mind! I no longer have to worry that one of the three kids, or all three kids have kicked their blankets off. I know they are snug at zippit’ed into bed!
Connect with Zippit Bedding to learn more or to check out the cute styles they have available for several bed sizes!

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