Zebra Sensory Bin
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Zebra Sensory Bin

This easy zebra sensory bin comes together in just a few moments of time to create a super fun invitation to play that toddlers and preschoolers won’t be able to resist!

It combines an engaging opportunity to play while developing fine motor skills. It also introduces a fun animal to little ones! I think you will appreciate the simplicity of materials and affordability of the supplies used!


Dry White Beans- 1 pound
Dry Black Beans 1/3 pound
Zebra Figurine
White Horse Figurine
Black Marker
White Adhesive Labels
Foam Stickers- Black
A small bin with a lid


  1. Pour the white beans into the bin.
  2. Draw black stripes on to the adhesive labels. I aimed for about 10 stripes, then I cut them out, keeping in mind that small hands would be peeling them.
  3. Hide the stripes in the white beans!
  4. Carefully make stripes with the black beans; I used two of my labels to control where my beans were placed.
  5. Place the black foam stickers in the stripes of the bin.
  6. Add a zebra and a white horse figurine to the bin.
  7. Invite your child to explore the bin. As the discover the stripes hidden in the beans, allow them to give the horse toy zebra stripes!

If you recreate this bin I would love it if you shared a photo with me on facebook! My kids all loved to play in this bin, even the older ones! Be prepared to refill the sticker stripes often!

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