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Yochi Yochi-Fun Footwear

This is a sponsored post. As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

fun footwear

I have to admit that one of the plus size of being a mom is getting to dress my kids however I want. It’s fun to see all the cute fun and stylish clothes and accessories that’s out there. One of my favorite is Yochi Yochi. It’s fun footwear for kids.

fun footwear

About Yochi Yochi:

Yochi Yochi is proud to introduce the latest trend from Japan here on American soil. Yochi Yochi shoes are made with a small squeaking diaphragm in the heel of each shoe which causes a small squeak when your child takes a step. The noise is fun, but we think it goes beyond that.

fun footwear

My Thoughts:

Both of my daughters LOVE their shoes.  Especially Carly Jo. She loves hearing herself walk, jump, and whatever else movement she can do to make them squeak. Doctors have suggested that when children can audibly recognize their footstep, the sounds can reinforce the natural rhythm of walking and actually help train them to walk. Now from my point of view the shoes are very cute and helpful. She is at the stage where she doesn’t like to set in the cart anymore she would rather walk. Although I am pretty nervous just to let her walk, because she is very quick! I am constantly afraid that she will roam off before I know it. However with the squeaking sound on every step she makes it puts my mind at ease because I know she’s not far from me!

fun footwear


They are offering my readers  15% off a pair of Yochi Shoes and 30% off a pair of Yochi Socks. To redeem the discount code click on “Need to redeem a gift card?” on the yochishoes home page. Enter the code and click “apply”. The discount won’t appear until buyers are in the shopping cart.

Code: 20SX83  The code expires November 31, 2013.

fun footwear

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