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Yesterday was a Big day for Bryson: His 6th Birthday

Six years ago on January 24, 2007 I did not know how much my life would be changing that day. I remember it just like it was yesterday. It all started the night before. We lived in North Dakota and it was dead in the middle of winter, so we decided that we would drive to the town where we would be having Bryson the night before. We went out to eat and just relaxed a little bit. After all we had a big day the next day

This is what I saw the first time I saw my son!

We got up at 4:30 in the morning and headed to the hospital so I can get induced. This little boy was already a week late and they didn’t want to make him wait any longer. Everything started off as normal, well at least calm. It was my first so I didn’t know what was normal. Then all of sudden a monitor started beeping. His heart beat was dropping. They got him to calm down, but only for a little bit. The next thing I knew was everyone was running around in a panic. No one was telling me what was going on. I was told to get on all fours (it was supposed to help try to calm him down), but in the mean time someone slapped a piece of paper in front of me telling me that I needed to sign it so they can take me to the or and have an emergency c-section. I just started crying and panicking  I remember asking people what’s going on but everyone was rushing around so quickly that I wasn’t getting answers. The next thing I noticed I was in the OR on the table and still no one has thought to stop and explain to a crying mom what in the world was going on.  They had  started to operate before I was completely a sleep. I remember moving my right arm around trying to find something to grab and hold to. All of sudden I felt someones hand and heard the voice of a lady saying “It’s okay Jacqui, I am here.” Those six little words meant the world to me, for some reason it calmed me done. Just knowing someone noticed. I tried finding the lady to thank her, but no one was sure who she was. When I woke up I thought the worst part was over, but I was wrong. 

Bryson at Christmas 2012

Within an hour of me coming to I had learned that Bryson had fluid in his lung and needed to be life flighted to another hospital. I haven’t had a chance to even hold him. They brought him by so I can touch his hands before taking him, but that wasn’t enough. I had stay behind at the hospital that I had him at and we decided that it was best for my husband to go and be with him. Still to this day I would say that’s the hardest thing I have ever went through. I was stuck 6 hours away from my newborn little boy. I haven’t been able to touch him and only seen him for 10 minutes. I hated not being there with him. The thing I appreciated the most though was his doctor. Twice a day the doctor himself called me to tell me what was going  and how he was doing. Plus I also had the report from my husband. Three days later I was able to join him in the NICU and that was the best feeling in the world to be able to walk up to my son and hold him in my arms. I was bound and determined not to leave his side every again. This hospital had what was called a “Mother’s Nest.” It was were mothers of  babies in the NICU can go and sleep. I was able to stay there and not have to leave his side. Two days later I was able to take my little tiny boy home.

Bryson at his birthday party at school!

Since then we have overcome many little obstacles but has grown to be such a healthy and smart little boy. I am very proud of what he has become and look forward to standing by his side for many more years. 

One thought on “Yesterday was a Big day for Bryson: His 6th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Little Man!

    That had to be hard to be away from him at such a critical time. I bet you were so scared. Thank goodness he is okay and here to celebrate such a big birthday!

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