Yahooty Who Box Set
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Yahooty Who Box Set

All of my kids love reading books. They are always checking out books from both the school and public library. However, recently my daughters favorite book is from our personal collection. Yahooty Who is her book of choice for our night-time readings. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


When children open their “Yahooty Who?” box set they’ll feel an undeniable urge to cuddle and squeeze our wide-eyed Yahooty plush doll. They’ll see a beautiful, full color, perfectly bound book and run their little hands over the friendly characters on the cover. But wait, SURPRISE! A toy sock puppet “blind bag” is still waiting inside the box! Could this get any better? It will if you’ve earned more perks like glossy stickers, bookmarks with fun “Yahooty Who?” quotes, and mailable postcards to share with friends!

My Thoughts:

When I first got the box set I thought it would be for Carly Jo, my youngest daughter, but to my surprised my oldest daughter really enjoyed it. Every time I read it to my kids I can’t help but chuckle because  Yahooty has a mischievous cuteness that everyone falls in love with. From the way he “borrows” one of your socks, to the creative sock puppets he leaves behind for children. Carly Jo is my mischievous one and I think that’s one reason she really enjoys it because it’s something she can relate too. (Downside, it gives her ideas! LOL Trust me she don’t know them.) The main reason I don’t mind her reading the book is because there is a lesson to be taught. As you read the story of Yahooty, children come to learn that Yahooty does all that he does as a selfless act to bring happiness to the world. A great lead into the valuable lesson of helpfulness, acceptance, and understanding.

You can order the items individually on The book is also available on Amazon Prime.


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