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WOW Your Kids with WOW Toys

Christmas is only five days away. WOW! Are you done shopping? Need some ideas? You should check out WOW Toys! I recently had a chance to try Rosie’s Royal Ride and Ernie Fire Engine.

Besides the fact that Rosie’s Royal Ride is VERY cute it’s also very sturdy. Both my four year old, Zoey, and one year old, Carly, has played with Rosie and pretty rough like. It has been thrown and stepped on and has not broke. My favorite part is that it doesn’t require batteries. How many toys do you have setting at home that need batteries. For me, I can’t even count them!! Carly loves the clippety clop sound it makes when you push it. Zoey loves how you can pretend to have some treats with a prince. This is beyond perfect for Zoey because she is always telling me she’s a princess!

Next is Ernie Fire Engine. Although this is more for a boy I would have to say Carly loved this more than Rosie’s Royal Ride. . Like Rosie’s Royal Ride this one doesn’t need batteries either.  With Ernie you can do many things! You can remove the fire fighter, make the firefighter press the “secret button” to open the back door, use the firefighter’s feet as a key to rotate the clicking ladder, and it makes engine sounds. I honestly would have to say that my daughter’s favorite part is the fact that it makes sounds. She’s always pushing things around and making sounds at the same time.

My conclusion of Wow Toys is that they will make a great Christmas gift. They are fun, sturdy, keep the kids attention, and the great part no batteries! It’s a win for both the mom and the kid!

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