Working When Sick
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Working When Sick

I hate getting sick! I think we all do. Being a teacher, I run into so many germs it is bound to happen at least once a year!  Then the whole week gets out of sorts and it seems to take twice as long to get back into the grove of things.

The gym is the worst. It seems that whatever I was doing before illness I can now only half of.

I do all the right things:

Drink more water

Allow my body time to rest

Take it easy

Do what I can

I don’t like any of it.

Truly and we all know this, the best thing to do when ill is take time to rest and then get back at it. The germs don’t hang out and chill, the world does not stop for your snot. No, you must keep going but balance that even more with rest.

So here is to the cold and the naps.

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