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Wiggle Giggle Ziggle with Radio Flyer

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

radio flyer

What mom doesn’t love hearing the sound of their children giggling? I know I do! Especially when they are getting all their wiggles out before it’s bed time. Recently my kids had a chance to try Radio Flyer’s Ziggle. With the Ziggle there is a lot of wiggling and giggling going on!

radio flyer

About the Ziggle:

“All you do is twist the front and wiggle the back and off you go. Advanced riders gain speed and can drift into 360⁰ spins. Four high performance caster wheels provide a smooth ride on any surface. The adjustable seat grows with your child and the padded hand grips, grip tape for feet and solid steel frame add comfort and control for years of fun.”


My Thoughts:

The first thing I noticed about the Ziggle was that there wasn’t that many parts. It’s was super easy to put together. I had it together within ten minutes. It helps that the direction were really easy to follow. The pictures showed you exactly what to do. I have a 6, 4, and a 2-year-old. Finding a toy that they can all play with and enjoyed together is a little hard. However, the Ziggle nailed it. All three of them loved it. It was simple enough that Carly(my 2-year-old) was able to use it. She was a little young and needed a little help, but she loved trying. It didn’t take long before they caught on how to make the Ziggle work. They were all over the place; including my neighbors driveaway which is were Zoey is trying out the Ziggle in the video below.  There was only one big issue with the Ziggle and that was whose turn it was: Bryson’s, Zoey’s, or Carly’s??

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One thought on “Wiggle Giggle Ziggle with Radio Flyer

  1. The video is too cute. I love toys that don’t take too much to set them up as well. I prefer if there’s no set up at all. 🙂 Love the review and so happy the kids enjoyed themselves. 🙂

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