Tips · September 1, 2020 0

Why German Shepherds Are the Best Dog To Own

You’ve probably heard it said by many people that German Shepherds are one of the best dogs you can own. For a newbie, German Shepherds can be intimidating, but once you have one, you’ll understand exactly what they mean. If you’re thinking about adopting a dog and have considered this breed, here are four reasons that a German Shepherd is the best choice.

They’re Highly Intelligent

The mini Australian shepherd , or GSD, is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Used by the police and in the military, this breed is highly trainable and learns commands very quickly. Since German Shepherd puppies imported from Germany are so smart, they need a lot of mental stimulation. If you love playing with dogs you’re in luck. GSDs love to hunt down hidden toys and will gladly challenge you to a competitive game of frisbee.

You’ll Be Protected

If you’re looking to add protection to your home, or your daily walks, a German Shepherd fits the bill. Even if your dog is a total teddy bear with you, its fierce look will keep anyone with ill intent far away. GSDs are on patrol 24/7 in your home, hearing every noise and sensing when someone is approaching. They also love looking out windows and protecting your castle from all sides.

Exceptional Companionship

Your German Shepherd is not only a pet, but a friend as well. They are excellent company for you, or your children, and will gladly accompany you anywhere you go. If you’re an active person that loves long walks, runs or hikes, your German Shepherd will be right there by your side.

They’re a Tolerant Breed

Since German Shepherds are so perceptive about their surroundings, they’re very tolerant to what’s going on around the house. They remember faces well, and many times won’t bark at someone unless they actually come on to the property. Although personalities differ from dog to dog, most GSDs are easygoing in regard to neighbors and other barking dogs they’re familiar with. Their even-tempered nature makes them great with children and usually other pets.

An Excellent Family Pet

Once you adopt a German Shepherd, you’ll understand why this dog is so popular. Their intelligence, protection, companionship and self-control make them an excellent family pet. As long as you keep up your end of the bargain by staying active and playing with them, your German Shepherd will give you love and loyalty back.