Why Do Women Play Bingo More Than Men?
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Why Do Women Play Bingo More Than Men?

 Bingo is one of the oldest and most popular forms of gambling in Britain and has been long known as one of the most popular gambling games amongst women.

 It is notoriously considered as one of the more feminine gambling options and is often marketing towards women, which includes feminine branding and themes of games. However, this is no surprise when 75% of bingo players are women, even though women usually gamble less than men.

 That being said, this does not explain why it is that women are more attracted to bingo than their other counterparts, so this piece will take a further look!

 Bingo is a Far Cry from Other Casino Games

 Wondering into an arcade and finding the dingy casino section right at the back with its bizarre swinging door flaps and dark red, baroque scarf print pub-style flooring as your gambling offering, you would be forgiven for wanting to walk straight out. With its flashy loud noises and flashing lights, and a bouncer hovering near to the scene, it is not the most relaxing and friendly of environments, which could put people on edge. 

 Bingo is the polar opposite of this, which might offer a good reason why women tend to favour this kind of gambling over the more traditional fruit machines. 

 Bingo is often held in a place that facilitates relaxation and unwinding, and more importantly – light-hearted (with no aforementioned casino guards or translucent flappy barriers).

Bingo Offers Women More Than the Chance to Just Win Money

 There is more to bingo than just the money, and whereas this might be true with most gambling, bingo has a lot more to offer than the chance to win. 

 Other reasons women may participate in bingo include the opportunity to enjoy or plan an evening out, either by themselves or with friends, meet new people and socialize, or take some time to blow off steam and just forget about responsibilities for a while.

 Interestingly, online bingo is an experience that is similar to a regular bingo hall, offering a fun and friendly atmosphere that people often go to bingo for! So, for those who cannot make it out of the house in time, they need not worry about missing out! Just make sure to check a credible site such as www.bingositesreviewer.com, which can help you pick trusted and reviewed bingo sites to play from.

Bingo is Targeted Toward Women

One of the reasons bingo is so popular with women is because they are bingo’s target audience. It is very much a chicken and egg scenario these days when it comes to which preceded which. Still, branding now will focus on traditionally feminine colors and patterns to entice women into playing the game, or at least seeing what it is all about. This will also include having relatable adverts, such as seeing other women playing bingo, aired at a time they think women will see the adverts, such as in the daytime for stay-at-home mums.

 Generally, bingo is targeted towards women because they are the biggest player demographic. That being said, bingo is genderless, and anyone is welcome to play it. It can be a great way for anyone to make friends or hang out with current ones! 

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