Which States Turn Out the Most Celebrities?
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Which States Turn Out the Most Celebrities?

We’ve all driven through a small town with a sign claiming to be the home of some celebrity or athlete.  In these cases, the particular celebrity seems to be the town’s claim to fame; but what about those cities or states that have too many to count?  Is there a trend? Obviously, if there is a celebrity who hails from a very small town, that can skew statistics to reflect that one would have a higher chance of becoming a celebrity simply by growing up in that particular town.  Take, for example, the fact that Pawnee City, Nebraska is number two on the top ten list of cities where one would have the highest chance of becoming famous. While statistically this may be true, it can also be misleading.

What about states?  It is no surprise that California and New York rank numbers one and two respectively on the list of top ten most common states of birth for A-list celebrities.  The fact that the theater and television industries thrive in these areas make that rather obvious along with large populations. Those two factors together make the chances of finding celebrities more of a possibility.

So…whether you grow up in an area of industry or become the one shining star in a small group…keep reaching for the stars and working toward your dreams.  You never know what you could accomplish no matter where you come from!

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