What’s a She Shed?
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What’s a She Shed?

She sheds are the female counterpart to a “man cave.”  It can be an area off limits to the hubby and kids where a woman can relax and have some alone time.  

While one may picture a typical “man cave” with beer, football, maybe a pool table, and other “manly” items; a she shed is more suited to a woman’s tastes and likes.  This can take many forms. Some women may have a room to themselves, while others may have a shed or garage area they have transformed.

My “she shed” would be my workspace. I have the perfect She Shed lighting that makes it relaxing but allows me to get my work done.  I have my computer set up in the corner of the living room. This is where I work, listen to music, watch streaming tv shows and movies, communicate with friends and loved ones, or just relax.  My kids know this area is off limits to them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t try! A child in my “she shed” prompts the immediate response: “Get out of my corner!” You would think it would be ingrained in their heads by now, but wouldn’t you know it, I still have to say this at least once a day!

While I do work in my she shed every day, I can also use it for pleasure. It can be my area to “check out” for a while. When I need some “me” time, I’ll tell my husband: “Okay, I’m putting my headphones on.” This is my chance to listen to musics or watch a show or movie that may not interest the rest of the household.  During my “me” time, my husband keeps the kids entertained and I can listen or watch (for the most part) uninterrupted. As a busy mom and wife, a little time to myself is needed for my sanity!

Luckily my husband understands this and works with me when I need some time. While it can be relaxing, it is also a great time to get some work done.  I know my “she shed” is not maybe typically what that would entail, but it works for me! What do you have in your she shed?

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