What Tour M.O. : Live Your Best Life the Michelle Obama Way
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What Tour M.O. : Live Your Best Life the Michelle Obama Way

Sometimes it’s good to know that we aren’t alone in the world. Sometimes it’s good to know that someone has been through it. What Tour M.O. shares different scenarios that is common to most women. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


Beyond her time as the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s voice and presence continues to resonate with women on a profound level. Michelle is both the ultimate role model and the every woman. If we can’t be her, we at least want to be like her. She’s inspirational and aspirational. Most of all, she’s real. And a gal can learn a lot from her, which is why we’ve gathered up all her wit and wisdom into one glorious book a woman can dip into again and again for a reminder that she is powerful and can accomplish pretty much anything because, you know, the future is female.

Using examples, actual events, and inspiring quotations from Michelle’s life during and prior to her time as first lady, What’s Your M.O., Live Your Best Life the Michelle Obama Way simultaneously celebrates Michelle’s accomplishments and provides useful advice for a wide array of life’s challenges.

Chapters include:
Family Matters
Good Relations
Working Woman
Style & Substance
Strength in the Face of Adversity
Education Nation
Health & Wellness
Sense of a Woman
A Call to Action

My Thoughts:

I loved this book. I have a short attention span so this book was perfect for me! It was real short but at the same time not real long. It shared many different stories where I could see myself fitting in and could relate to. I learned what to take away from different situations and how to handle them. I honestly think every woman should read this book and that it would make a great gift for a graduate. Rather it be a high school or college graduate.

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