Parenting · May 16, 2022 0

What to Look for When Buying Your Tween’s First Laptop

Do you have a child between the age of nine and 12 who has become quite reliant on a laptop? The past couple of years have required kids to engage in online schooling on and off which highlighted just how important and convenient it is for them to have one of their own. Rather than share yours, perhaps you’ve decided to go ahead and purchase their first laptop.

Before you scoop up the first model you come across, here are some features and tips you can use. These will ensure you make an informed purchasing decision.

A Lightweight Device Will be Most Portable

Because your tween may take the laptop to and from school daily, or from room to room in the house, you want to be sure the device is lightweight and streamlined. This will help ensure there are no accidents and drops. A good carrying case with decent protection will also be necessary.

It’s important to note that just because a laptop is lightweight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice screen size. Chances are your tween will still want a decent screen so that it doesn’t feel like a glorified tablet.

Battery Life Needs to Be a Top Priority

Another big priority should be a good-quality battery that lasts all day. Chances are the laptop will get a lot of use and your tween needs to know it’s dependable. In general, laptops last between 1.5 to six hours before requiring charging. There are tips they can use to extend the battery life.

Wait for a Discount and Save Some Money

There’s no need to pay full price for a tween’s first laptop as savvy shoppers know it’s best to wait for a discount. You can take advantage of such things as student discounts at Lenovo. Even if you’re just looking at a budget-friendly entry-level laptop, it’s still worth waiting for a sale or a promotion.

You Can’t Have Too Much Storage

When it comes to storage, you really can’t have too much. Ideally, you want to purchase the laptop that offers the most storage in your budget. Even if you think it’s too much and unnecessary, it’s better to have excess than run out. The laptop will run more efficiently and faster when there’s plenty of storage available. Experts recommend you aim for at least 1TB SSD.

How Does It Perform When Streaming and Gaming?

The laptop’s main purpose may be for school use and homework, but let’s face it, it will be used for entertainment as well. Kids will likely want to play games and stream content on the laptop so you’ll want to keep this in mind when looking at the features. Check to be sure the graphics support is decent, the sound and video quality should be crisp, and it should come with a good and a high-resolution screen.

For those who are heavily into gaming, you’ll want at least 8GB of RAM and the Intel Core i5 chipset or higher.

Taking into consideration all the ways your tween will use their laptop will help ensure that you pick the right model.