What to Do When You Start Feeling a UTI on Vacation
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What to Do When You Start Feeling a UTI on Vacation

UTI is a bacterial infection of the bladder causing great pain and leading to the failure of the kidneys if not dealt with properly. Doubtlessly, it does cause a great nuisance even in the normal working days of the routine life, but it will become a real curse if it starts attacking especially when you are on vacation way far from your home town and your family physician. Somehow, you will have to manage its upcoming attack yourself and try to tackle it to your maximum unless you get home. But, remember to contact with your physician at the earliest if you are pregnant, for there is no need to take any kind of risk in this critical condition. In order to minimize the chances of getting full-blown UTI, consider yourself into an emergency mode and proceed with the following five bladder-loving commandments.

  1. If you start feeling a slight burn whenever you pee and notice that you have the urge to pee time and again, kindly drink as much water as you can so that you may have to urinate quite frequently, which will push out the maximum number of bacteria trying to grab hold of the wall of your bladder. Keep intaking  water regularly enough that you will have to use the bathroom time and again even if you are peeing quite diluted and super light-colored.
  2. Keep yourself away from doing the sexual intercourse if you are under the fear of getting an attack of a UTI because intercourse pushes the bacteria from your nether regions up into the urethra and the bladder. This, in turn, can cause a UTI even though you are feeling quite fine within yourself. So, it will be wise to say to your partner that you are on a sex strike for a few days.
  3. Avoid using any shower products whatsoever other than a regular soap and water. Fancy or scented soaps, creams, shower gels, douches and sprays always spoil your vaginal health and weaken its natural defenses. The chemicals present in all these synthetic products will not only kill the beneficial bacteria over there but also tend to alter the harmful bacteria, enhancing the chances of getting a UTI.
  4. There is an evidence of a chemical, present in cranberries, keeping the harmful bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder and the urinary tract. Fortunately, no sticking to the walls of the bladder or the urinary tract, no UTI results in. Hence, it will be very much beneficial if you take in fresh cranberry juice with all natural ingredients or cranberry extract pills from a drug store.
  5. If you have been observing over a while that your condition is getting from bad to worse, it will be very sensible   that you get to some druggist and ask him to pack a UTI prevention medicine, namely AZO Urinary Tract Defense or Mathenamine. After all, nothing can replace a genuinely prescribed antibiotic in terms of efficacy.

So, you can see that you can do a lot when you start feeling a UTI on vacation.

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