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Ways to Treat Hair Loss: Natural and Cosmetic Therapies

Hair Loss

It can be difficult to deal with hair loss. You want to look your best, but you’re faced with the reality that your locks are thinning and falling out. There are many different treatments for this problem, so don’t panic! 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about regenera activa, a natural remedy that is clinically proven to treat hair loss and restore healthier-looking hair growth in as little as six weeks. We will also talk about other cosmetic and natural treatments to induce hair growth. We’ve also included some of the causes of hair loss, so you know what and what not to do to your hair.

What is Hair Loss and What Causes it?

Hair loss is when your hair falls out or breaks, and the follicle doesn’t grow back. It’s important to know what are some of the causes of hair loss, so you take the right steps to prevent it from happening in the future!


If you’re not eating a healthy diet, this can lead to thinning and lost locks. Protein is especially good for regenerating new hairs because they need protein structures to be built–this means that you should consume foods like eggs, chicken breast, salmon, red meat, nuts, lentils, etc. You also want to ensure that you get enough vitamins A & C, which regulate hormone levels and encourage growth along with iron; this help provides energy as well.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes can cause hair loss. If you are experiencing changes in your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or menopause, it might be the culprit of your thinning locks! This is because these hormonal fluctuations often lead to an imbalance in hormone levels which numbers around 60% of all causes for hair loss.


If you are taking any medications, it may be the reason for your hair loss. Certain prescription drugs can cause hormonal changes that lead to a deficiency in natural hormones, and this leads to thinning and lost locks.

Environmental stressors

It’s an important factor to have some time away from work stress or environmental stresses like pollution or smoke as well! This kind of strain on our bodies can have negative effects such as affecting the regenerative powers of cells, which is why you might want to get more exercise or take up hobbies like painting or yard work–anything that takes you out into nature where there are fewer chemical exposures. 

Hairstyling Products

If you are using any chemicals or materials on your locks, it might lead to thinning and lost hair because of the buildup of heat from these substances that damage our scalp–this is especially true if you have relaxed or color-treated hair! These types of treatments often contain harsh ingredients like formaldehyde which will not only irritate the skin but also affect cells as well.

How to Treat Hair Loss Naturally?

If you want to treat or prevent hair loss at home, here’s what you can do:

  • Use Mild Shampoos: You might have to switch to milder shampoos if you start to notice that you’re shedding more hair than you should be. 
  • Take Vitamins for Hair Loss: Vitamins helps to keep us healthy as well as helps keep our bones and even our hair healthy and strong.
  • Enrich Diet with Protein: Protein is good for regenerating new hairs, so make sure you get enough of it in your diet!
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: This tip is quite important if you are experiencing hair loss due to a hormonal change.

How to Treat Hair Loss with Cosmetic Therapies?

If you’re ready for a more effective but costly treatment for your hair loss, then cosmetic or specialised treatments are your way to go!

Regenera Activa (Natural)

Regenera active is a natural hair growth treatment that helps to keep your scalp healthy and promotes new follicle growth. This product is also easy on the wallet, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if you need this treatment.

Regenera Activa uses three main components: Nexxera (which includes a patented combination of organic B vitamins), Grapeseed Extract & Saw Palmetto extract–these are all effective at restoring healthy hair growth as well as reducing inflammation on the scalp and promoting new cell development.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is great for hair loss because it regenerates new hairs where they are needed. However, this type of surgery can be quite expensive–you might need to take out a loan if you want one done!

Hair transplant surgery also requires that you find someone who will do the procedure on your head (or scalp), and then there’s the cost of transport, anaesthesia, and the surgeon’s fee.

Scalp Reduction

Another hair loss treatment that regenerates new hair is scalp reduction surgery. This kind of treatment uses a scalpel to remove bald patches from the head and then stitches them back together again–it’s great for people who are experiencing sudden, patchy loss on their heads, but it can be quite painful to undergo this procedure!