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Nowadays, it is strange to see someone without a mobile phone in his hand, this instrument has become an indispensable tool in our current society. However, the continued use of the phone, either by sending too many messages, using too much social networks or being all day making calls, can trigger a serious addiction.

Becoming addicted to the telephone involves greatly narrowing our range of action in social relationships, greatly increases our stress levels and alters sleep rhythms. To avoid all these consequences, experts recommend parents to make use of digital tools such as FamilyTime app which help them overcome their teens’ addiction to the mobile.

How Does FamilyTime Parental Control App Help?

FamilyTime parental control app is a comprehensive parenting package which not only allows you to monitor your teens digital life, but also keeps you connected to them 24/7. It’s got a very well-balanced combination of features and usability, it collects your teens call history, contacts, web history, tracks their location and much more from their smartphone and tablet, all from a single dashboard. But in order for this app to work, it is very important to talk your children about it first and have their consent first and develop a friendly bond with your children.

Having this app in hand, parents can:

  1. Monitor the browsing history of your teen with the date and time stamps.
  2. Watch their bookmarks and favourites saved in the browser
  3. Check how long visited a specific site.
  4. Put web filters and restrict sites you don’t want them to see
  5. View contacts saved in the contact book of your kids
  6. Monitor call logs with the date and time stamps
  7. Check SMS history to know who do they talk to and what do they talk about
  8. Watchlist shady contacts and be informed every time the contact is made between by either party
  9. Monitor the apps installed on their devices.
  10. Check their app preference by looking at their app usage frequency.
  11. Block unwanted apps, especially the ones that they are addicted to and try to engage them in board games that are played with family,
  12. Put auto screen locks on their device and manage their screen time efficiently. You can schedule the screen lock during bed time and school hours so they don’t stick to their devices at the time of other activities.
  13. Remotely lock their phone whenever you find them immersed in the screen to restrict the device access instantly.

Hence the app offers everything you may need to overcome mobile addiction of your kid. So, don’t waste your time anymore and get the app now. Before making the purchase decision, you can try FamilyTime app for free. The trial version gives you access to all premium features of FamilyTime in a jiffy. To get the trial version, visit the app store on your phone depending on your phone’s operating system, i.e. iTunes in case of iOS and Google Play Store in case of Android device.


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