Unicorn Sensory Bin
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Unicorn Sensory Bin

My little guy is busy! He loves to play, to tinker and to explore the world around him. A few weeks ago I decided to make a fun bin for his little hands to play in and I combined a fun play session with a chance to work on his developing fine motor skills! This unicorn threading bin is economical, easy to assemble and so much fun to play with!

You can add variety to this bin by adding pasta, pipe cleaners and more to make the threading a little more of a challenge. This bin also has a lot of sensory fun included too!


Straws; I used soda and milkshake straws in assorted colors to offer variety.
I used 4 straws of each color
Ribbon; 12” length; add several strands.
Plastic Unicorn Figurines
A plastic bin with a clip on lid


  1. Cut your straws by color in assorted lengths.
  2. As you cut the straws add it to the plastic bin to layer the colors!
  3. Tie a knot one on end of the ribbons. Depending upon the width of your ribbon you may want to add several knots so that the straws will not slip off.
  4. Add a few unicorn figurines for fun!
  5. With supervision, allow your child to explore the texture and colors of the straws in the bin and thread them onto the ribbon.

If you recreate this bin I would love for you to share a photo with me on facebook! I know your kids will love it as much as mine did!

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