What Types of Fish Should You Consider for Your Garden Pond
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What Types of Fish Should You Consider for Your Garden Pond


Picking the perfect fish for your pond can be tricky. You need to consider what climate and environment they will thrive in, while also considering what other breeds of fish with which they will live most peacefully. It’s important to also keep in mind the size of your pond and how big the fish will grow. The size of the environment can also play a role in the fish’s happiness and ability to survive. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know before picking the perfect fish for your pond. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

What type of pond do you have?

The first thing you need to do before researching the ideal fish for your pond is determine what type of pond you have exactly. One area of importance are pond liners, fish need to live in a comfortable environment, so be sure to select a quality liner. There are all sorts of ponds out there from natural farm ponds to koi ponds to water gardens and different fish will thrive best in each of these environments. Natural ponds typically have clay lining, rather than plastic, and were probably dug out by hand by a farmer to either provide drinking water for his livestock or collect runoff water from his fields to prevent from flooding. Koi ponds are larger ponds that are designed with larger fish, like koi, in mind. Water gardens are typically made to focus on the foliage residing within the water, but some fish are happy living amongst the plants and can add a nice, colorful, and lively touch to your pond.


What type of fish is going to survive best in the environment you can provide?

As previously stated, it’s important to consider the climate in which you live and the size of the pond you’re providing these fish, before deciding on the right fit for you. Some fish do better in exclusively warmer climates, while others can survive rough winters as long as you break the ice to allow gas to escape. Pond heaters are also an option which could eliminate most, if not all, of this concern.


What sort of look are you going for?

Are you after more colorful and lively fish or are you more concerned with their ability to control your vegetation? These are important questions to decide on before you pick the fish to live in your pond. Goldfish come in many varieties of colors and grow to the size of their environment, but survive best in a pond with only goldfish, as they are weaker fish with a lot of predators. Other fish coexist peacefully together, but require specific climates, while some, like carp, mostly live in ponds to eat the out of control vegetation. It’s important to identify what matters most to you and what’s the best environment for the fish before committing to caring for them.


Deciding on the perfect fish to liven up your pond can be very difficult. You need to keep in mind the environment you will be able to provide, the climate they will live in and weather conditions they might have to endure, and the relationships between certain breeds of fish to ensure their lives have the maximum longevity possible. It’s also important to keep in mind the type of vegetation or features you may already have in your pond, in case that effects the fish you choose.

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