Twisted Wares
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Twisted Wares

I am always looking for things that are unique and one of kind. Twisted Wares products fit that title! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Twisted Wares

About Twisted Wares More is Always Better Bag:

  • All Bitch Bags are fully Vinyl Lined – because sometimes things get messy
  • Small Bitch Bag Measures Approximately 10.5” x 7.5” e/ gusseted bottom
  • Large Bitch Bag Measures Approximately 11.5” x 8” w/ gusseted bottom

Twisted Wares

About Twisted Wares Towel It’s All Good in the Trailer Hood:

  • 100% Cotton Flour Sack fabric (there is a difference)
  • Hemmed on ALL FOUR SIDES
  • Generous in size, measures approx. 26″x 26″
  • All are pre-washed, and lint free
  • Have Hang Tight Towel® Loop

Twisted Wares More is Always Better Bag is super cute and awesome. This bag is vinyl lined which is nice and makes for easy cleanup if you accidentally spill something. One time my lotion got busted open and all I had to do was wipe the inside out and it was as good as new. I love the the design of this bag and that fact that it’s easy to clean the inside of. Then there is the awesome Twisted Wares Towel It’s All Good in the Trailer Hood and I love this in my kitchen. It is made with 100% cotton flour sack fabric and comes pre-washed. These are hemmed on all four sized which ensures they will stay intact. I love this as a decor piece in my kitchen it’s so cute and simple and just really nice looking.


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