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Try These Irresistible Dishes To Please The Taste Buds Of Your Adored Dog

Anyone who has ever lived with a dog can understand the strong bonding that exists in between them. So, if your little friend isn’t eating properly, you are probably getting sleepless nights worrying about it. It is common among puppies to gorge on anything that they can find. Well, sometimes things get a little different due to various reasons. Unless there isn’t a health issue, you have nothing to be worried of. Your dog is probably just a fussy eater! So, no need to rush to a vet immediately or fret unnecessarily. Just spend a few minutes in the kitchen and rustle up something tasty for your little one.

The simplicity of chicken

Even though Chicken and Brown Rice seem simple, it’s quite tasty yet healthy and full of all the nutrients your pooch needs. For the dish, you need to put brown rice, chicken breasts or thighs, green beans, sweet potatoes and carrots in a crockpot with water and cook for 4-5 hours straight. The fact is it has lots of carbs and can also be refrigerated and reused makes this a popular choice among most people. Your pooch with surely jump with the joy once you give it to him. For instance, if you like to deter the behavioral issues of your pooch then make sure you look for best dog training collars as it will help you a lot.

Try out eggs

If your little friend doesn’t have any issues with digesting eggs, then the scrambled eggs with spinach and salmon are the perfect way to get a wide range of vitamins and some digestible protein in them. Just heat the skillet and add extra virgin olive oil, salmon, as well as spinach and keep cooking. Once the fish is done, add the eggs and scramble it and serve.

Good old stew

Another reusable recipe that is full of essential vitamins and proteins is the classic Beef Stew. Microwave sweet potato for 8 minutes, and cook the stew pieces for 15 minutes with olive oil. Once it is cooked, you need to retain the drippings and remove the pieces. The drippings can be used for making gravy with water and flour. Just add diced carrots, green beans, meat, and sweet potatoes to the yummy gravy and keep cooking for a few minutes and serve.

Some yummy yoghurt

Only vitamins and proteins are not enough; your pooch needs all the calcium it can get to stay strong! So instead of giving them supplements, you can try out an easy yoghurt treat recipe that will boost the production of calcium in your dog’s system. All you have to do is get some plain yoghurt, strawberry and blueberry and put them in a blender. Pour the entire mixture into moulds and refrigerate before serving.

Patties and veggies

The next one in this list is a salmon patty! Wondering what fish is doing in the list of yummy foods for canines? Well, that’s where most people go wrong. Fish is extremely crucial in a dog’s diet if you want long, silky and smooth fur. Just stir fry some potato, carrot and celery in olive oil and mix the salmon with eggs and flour and fry to make patties and serve hot.

All of these dishes are yummy, yet full of healthy nutrients that will definitely keep your pooch strong, fit and also excite their taste buds. So, go on and try some of them today!